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Elastic knitted ribbon
Elastic woven ribbon
Elastic ribbon with a logotype
Applied ribbons
Elastic woven ribbon BOOT
We offer the WOVEN elastic from 12 mm to 160 mm wide of the УBOOTФ type. It is a high-density elastic and it is used for footwear production.
увеличить картинку увеличить картинку
finished УBootФ non-finished УBootФ
Standard winding of elastic from 15 to 300 mm wide - roll 25 m.
Standard winding of elastic from 4 to 12 mm wide - coil 50, 100 m.
It is possible to pack in a box in a free winding according to your choice.
Custom order
Besides the standard product range we produce tapes after your own pattern of any type, colour and density.
Period of order execution - 2-3 weeks.

The wide range of excellent-quality products, delivery with the shortest possible delay and competitive prices enable us to make contacts with many manufacturers and mercantile businesses all over Russia.

Our clients can rely for various instruments for cooperation and delivery of the chosen goods.

The specialists of the enterprise are always ready to provide customers with the necessary technical information about our production bought.

Welcome to mutually beneficial cooperation!

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Manufacturing company Ultratex